Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation
Pricing varies by size of area and time spent.

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. It's an advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. While similar to traditional tattooing, Scalp Micropigmentation is also unique in a variety of ways. SMP involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to inject pigment into the scalp. Scalp Micropigmentation is an extremely intricate procedure with a guaranteed result.

Alvero Traquina, MD used the term “micropigmentation of the scalp” in an article published in the Dermatologic Surgery medical publication back in 2001. However in 2010 the term “SMP” and Scalp Micropigmentation caught on all over the world. And started being used more and more to help hair loss clients and change lives.

  • Restoring receded hairlines
  • Thicken remaining hair
  • Camouflaging scar tissue
  • Creating the look of new hair growth or a buzz haircut.

Scalp micropigmentation requires little to no continued maintenance and carries no strict lifestyle or daily restrictions.

Why People Choose Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP provides the appearance of a full head of hair. No one will notice that it is an ink treatment, you can return to work the day after your procedure and people will think you look great, but they will have no idea that you underwent treatment. The look of our Scalp Micropigmentation is so real that no person or camera will ever pick up on your secret.

There are a wide range of reasons you may be looking into Scalp Micropigmentation as your hair loss solution. The clients I have treated each have differing reasons and causes of hair loss. However, are all looking for a result to restoring receded hairlines, thickening remaining hair, camouflaging scar tissue, or creating the look of new hair growth or a buzz haircut.

Men and women of all ages have found Scalp Micropigmentation as their solution to cover or fill in thinning hair. Thinning can result in a wide, undesirable scalp area showing through the hair. Typically, the person will have an even coverage across the scalp, but the density drops as the hair loss progresses. Scalp Micropigmentation replaces the lost density, resulting in the appearance of an even, full head of hair.

Does it hurt?

The application of SMP is usually quite painless. There may be a little discomfort in more sensitive regions like the temples, but most people only report very mild sensitivity during their procedure. Topical numbing is an option for any discomfort, although most people don’t find it necessary.

How Long Does It Last?

Like all inks, SMP ink will start to fade in about 5 years. And the procedure should be repeated every 5 – 7 years because SMP does not penetrate the skin as much as regular tattoo ink. Yet, these revisions are good because with age we lose more hair, or our hair turns gray, making the revision sessions help keep an updated look in accordance with your age.

Do Women Benefit From SMP?

Many women suffer from hair loss and thinning hair. I specialize in creating an underlying effect, which creates the appearance of a natural, full head of hair. Many women need color added to their scalp to cover natural separations made from long hair. If you can see scalp, I cover this up to allow for it to look healthy and full. Scalp Micropigmentation is perfect if you are a woman who is thinning on the top or across the crown section of your head. I have worked with and treated many female alopecia and surgery scar clients.

The Fresh Shaved Look, The Perfect Buzz Cut

This is also known as the “Jamie Fox”, is an extremely popular choice. The consultation is extremely important in preparation and before starting to create the hairline and the side temple area first to ensure a natural look and find the perfect hairline for your face, head shape, and age. I carefully match the color and density precisely during these procedures to create the illusion of a head full of hair with a sharp hairline, in addition to a robust and youthful short style.

SMP for Scarring Coverage?

This option can be performed on the head or in beards to hide scarring, burns, birthmarks, or surgical scars (ie. Cleft lip repair).   

Scars can be very visible and limit hairstyle options for the individual. However, I am able to delicately deposit pigment into the scar tissue and surrounding area to help blend out and diminish the visibility of the scarring. By accurately matching color and creating the look of follicles inside the scar, many clients can expect up to an 85% improvement in the appearance of scarring.

Ink Used In SMP

SMP ink is not conventional permanent makeup or tattoo ink. Tattoo inks and permanent makeup pigments cannot be used for scalp micropigmentation. This is because they contain multiple colors that make up the final shade of black. When the pigment is attacked by the immune system and by ultraviolet rays from the sun, the deposits are degraded and separated back into their constituent colors. This is why traditional tattoos discolor and fade into another color, leaving you with blue or greenish tattoo when the original color was black.

How it works?

Each client’s needs are unique. During your consultation, we will discuss a custom procedure, designed to give you the desired effects that you’re looking for.

Each treatment is tailored to your exact skin color and type.  I implant ink into the affected area, carefully matching your natural hair color with precision. Additionally, we shade one darker than your natural color, which gives the illusion of a shadow and the appearance of three-dimensional, natural hair.

The treatment is administered with a gentle approach, and results look unbelievably natural.

The process can take anywhere from 1-3.5 hours depending on the density that I will be creating.

Clients experience redness immediately following treatment, anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours, depending on their skin type.

SMP requires little to no continued maintenance and carries no strict lifestyle or daily restrictions.

After Care

The aftercare guidelines are the most important part of the treatment. You need to refrain from interfering with the treated area for a few days.

Your new hair follicles that were created through SMP are going to look larger and darker for the first 1- 4 days, but don’t worry, they will get smaller and lighter as your scalp heals. This is what people refer to as immediate fading, although in reality it’s not actually fading at all, it’s just the redness of the skin and injection site swelling going away.

  • Do NOT wash, rub or irritate your head for 3 days after each session.
  • On day 4 you can wash your head with water only. If you have more SMP sessions to go, start moisturizing your scalp again now.
  • On day 7 you can cleanse your head using a gentle facial cleanser.
  • Avoid sweating. Those trips to the sauna or gym will have to wait.
  • For 30 days you MUST avoid heavy sweating, exfoliating, any scalp abrasion and prolonged exposure to strong UV rays (sunlight). Avoid the tanning booth.